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Those that have lost their smile because of a domestic abuse situation or former incarceration and that are working hard to earn a second chance.

Better Smile, Better Life!

Those who have lost their smile because of domestic violence abuse or former incarceration. Those that are working hard to earn a second chance and for whom a new smile would be a key factor in building on their successes and achieving their goals. The power of a smile to change lives is in all the stories recipients tell. “I gained the confidence I needed to finally get a job and support my family”, or “I am no longer too self-conscious to smile and speak with my child’s teacher”, or “I really can learn new skills and go to school.”

The lack of access to dental care negatively affects the former incarcerated and survivors of domestic violence as they re-enter society and are financially unable to seek treatment. With limited access to public health services for much needed major dental work caused by abuse, poor hygiene and progressive oral disease, their path to health and wellness is blocked.

It is nearly impossible to develop in our society with very damaged teeth hampering a person’s opportunities. While an employer may try to look past damaged teeth to see the real person, often teeth are the one obstacle to employment that cannot be overcome. The rejection and despair caused by being unable to support yourself and your family negatively affects emotional health and well-being. The oral health care intervention of Smiles and Beyond helps to address these community related health issues, provide a pathway to employment, and reduce community costs associated with the lack of healthcare, mental health care and unemployment.