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dentists and labs

Connecting the people who need the services to those who provide the services. We match qualified applicants with a dental team in our network that is best suited for each case.

A Perfect Match


    • A.T. Still University Arizona School of Dentistry
      & Oral Health

    • New Horizons Institute

    Dental labs

      • Adams Dental Laboratory

      • Affinity Denture Clinic

      • Dani Dental Studio

      • Dentek Dental Lab

      • Epyk Dental Arts

      • First Impressions Dental Lab

      • Gergen Impressions Dental Lab

      • Lafayette Dental Lab

      • MK Creations

      • Sundance Microdental Lab

      • Sentry Dental Laboratory

      • Smiles By Design

      • Van Hook Dental Studio

      • Wiand Dental Lab

      Our Dentists Love To Change Lives

      “A smile is a constant reminder to our recipients of their past. I am honored to be able to erase that damage and create a  smile that reflects who they are today. We are a small part of the transformation of their lives.” Dr. Brent Call, D.D.S.

      I see the recipients transform their lives when they get their new smile. The confidence that comes with a smile makes them able to do more with themselves, get a better job, have a better life because they have a smile.
      Dr. Kathy Jacobson, D.D.S.

      “We get a behind the scenes look into the lives of the recipients we serve. We are grateful to have a hand in helping them build a new, bright, healthier future. It reminds us that the work we do matters.”
      Tom Wiand, Owner, Wiand Dental Lab