Your Donation to Smiles and Beyond
Qualifies for an Arizona Tax Credit!

The State of Arizona offers its taxpayers the opportunity to donate directly to a qualified organization of their choice and
receive a tax credit for doing so. The tax credit offsets the taxes you owe the state within the limits set by the state.

Filing as an individual, your donation of up to $400 will qualify for the credit.
Filing jointly, your donation of up to $800 will qualify for the credit
When filing your taxes use our Qualified Organization Code QCO #20828
to let the state know which organization has received your donation.

Upon receipt of your donation, Smiles will email you a letter thanking you for your support, the amount of the
support and the QCO code. Save this letter in your tax documents or give to your tax preparer.

We are so grateful that you have chosen to support us with your donations. Together we are changing lives in our communities.