Smiles and Beyond provides the gift of restored smiles to women and men who have experienced domestic violence or incarceration and are committed to rebuilding their lives.


In 2009, Linda Parker Smith, Founder and CEO of Smiles, was ready to make a change in her life. That same year, she attended a meeting of Alongside Ministries, a nonprofit organization committed to the rehabilitation of women and men coming out of prison. She met a number of former inmates and noted the horrible condition of their teeth caused by prison life, previous drug use and poverty. Since Linda traveled extensively as a successful national dental practice management consultant, she was moved to do something. It was then she committed, “I can give them a smile.”

Today, over 70 dentists and 10 dental labs assist Smiles in fulfilling its mission to provide professional dental services and necessary restorative dental materials valued at approximately $860,000 annually. Having served more than 300 formerly incarcerated women and men since its inception in late 2010 and anticipating 35 domestic violence survivors to become recipients this year, Smiles is growing rapidly as it continues to fulfill its mission of helping women regain hope, obtain employment, and become confident, productive members of society.

With an annual operating budget of $274,050, and in partnership with the finest professionals in the dental community, Smiles extends comprehensive dental services to carefully vetted survivors that have been out of a violent relationship for at least one year and are dedicated to turning their lives around. Smiles gives its recipients not just a healthy, restored smile, but a chance to help themselves build a new life with hope and renewed confidence. Smiles is dependent on collaboration with other Valley nonprofit organizations for recipient referrals including UMOM, Maggie’s Place, Homeward Bound, Sojourner Center, Family Promise and Phoenix Rescue Mission.  MOUs govern these mutually beneficial partnerships, many of which allow Smiles to provide the final puzzle piece in the transformation and healing process by providing ongoing, wrap-around services to our clients.

In order to sustain the excellent work and support of these partners and maintain an extraordinary 0% recidivism rate among its 300+ recipients to date, philanthropic support is vital, especially since Smiles is committed in 2019 to expanding its reach to survivors of domestic violence, which requires the acquisition of restorative dental lab services needed in a rapidly changing dental supply industry.