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Smiles and Beyond is the Hub in the Wheel of Care where all teams, partners and participants are connected; those that need help and those that can help.

Restore Smiles & Build Relationships

who we help

Those who have lost their smile because of domestic violence abuse
or former incarceration


Collaborate with others to help individuals restore their smile as part of their overall reintegration into society.


Connecting the people who need the services to those who provide the services.

application process

To assure our dental and lab volunteer professionals they are donating their gifts to those truly in need.

volunteer dental team

Volunteering with us offers dental providers and their team an opportunity to serve.


Provide the gift of a smile that begins the journey to success for our qualified program participants.

Changing Lives

“When somebody shows you that love, it lights that fire back into your life.
I matter. I matter to somebody. This person doesn’t even know me but they
care about me!” Having a beautiful smile to show off after coming from horrible,
horrible darkness is like yes I did it. I’m here” – Lisa

“When I first met Smiles, it was like a dream come true. I knew if I was given
the opportunity, I would do nothing less than exactly what I was supposed to be
doing. When I first had my new teeth I just started crying. Smiles looked at me and only saw the good in me. I owe the world to them. “ – Sarah

“I had lost everything, was living on the streets of Phoenix and abusing alcohol and drugs. All I really, wanted and desired was that just one day my family would be restored. To me that’s priceless. Smiles has been transformative in my life. Remember when you see somebody without a smile, give them one of yours.” – Tommy